We care about animals and adding value to our community.

The animals need a new shelter. Our community needs a new animal shelter.

Join us as we advocate for a new shelter for Campbell County. We encourage you visit the current shelter behind Yellow Branch Elementary School. It is so small, that most people don’t even know that it is there.

The Animal Control Officers and Friends of Campbell County Animal Control have beautified the space as much as they can while still taking care of all the animals’ needs. It’s time for us to help. Unfortunately, you can’t paint a new addition onto a too small building. Additional space is desperately needed. Our goal is to make a new animal shelter that is a destination for families to visit on Saturday afternoon.

The shelter is currently overwhelming with noise and lacks the space of calm to truly meet and greet the animals. There are only 17 dog runs and a small cat room to hold a county that serves around 55,000 people. (See our infographic here)

Volunteers are currently taking items home to wash because our current shelter is too small for a washer and dryer. There’s not even a real place to bathe animals other than a small kitchen type sink. Let’s build a more inviting, family friendly location. A place for field trips, meeting spaces, meet and greet areas, and an overall better space for animals, their volunteers, and the citizens that visit.

By bringing awareness through social media, attending Board of Supervisors Meetings, and raising funds, we will build a new animal shelter for Campbell County. Join us.

Special thanks to Eagle Wing Video Productions for creating our video.

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